DuskGoons Slap

DuskGoons Slap

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Released early, because you motherfuckers asked for it.

Rule #1: No noise. No questions. If you make a noise, Mister .44 makes a noise. If you ask a question, Mister .44 answers it. Now are you absolutely, positively clear about Rule #1?
Rule #2: You do what we say when we say it. If you don't, see Rule #1.
Rule #3: Don't you ever try and fucking run on us, because I got six little friends and they can all run faster than you can.

Part 3 of our Tarantino line, DuskGoons has been created for all you Goons who throw on a lid, sip some hood juice and get out there after dark. Just watch out for the thots in the tall grass. #MoonGoons #MOGO #HennessyHeaux #Thotpires #MurderyThots #SelmaStillBangsTho

Slap these wherever the hell you like, shoot us a photo if it's somewhere dope and tag us on the 'Gram.

- High gloss vinyl sticker
- 10 x 8cm
- This shit bangs