GYD Sling

GYD Sling

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You're looking at GYD. You're no ordinary Goon. #OhYouFancyHuh

This shit is limited AF and will not restock often. You have been warned. #DontMissThisDrip

So with that in mind, skrrt this sucka into your cart then enjoy explaining who GYD are and feel superior for knowing before everyone else.

Hand crafted in the UK with reclaimed material, adjustable pull tab for quick retention or for use on a longboi. 1" cordura strap with secure fastenings. 

Supplied with additional length to allow the user to cut to size because we recognise that everyone's sticks come in different shapes & sizes.

We advise that you size this up for your rifle before trimming and finish by gently searing the ends of the cordura to prevent fraying.

Supplied without mounting options, as everyone likes their own thing.

Welcome to the gang. Enjoy the drip.

Ships within 7 days