LV Brown Mono 2" x 3" Patch
LV Brown Mono 2" x 3" Patch
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LV Brown Mono 2" x 3" Patch

LV Brown Mono 2" x 3" Patch

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You've clicked the brown patch which tells us that you're someone with class who appreciates subtle and understated styling. 

#LouisBrownMakesThemPantiesDrown #DripStick

When you're not out goon'in with the boys and ridin' through your block like Deebo, you're probably wearing chinos with loafers and looking up next years golf membership while practising your air-swing by the photocopier & bitching about Michelle in accounts - who still hasn't finished authorising your purchase orders. 
#SleeperGoon #BlingAndSwing #MyGrandmamaGaveMeTheseClubs


But that's cool, you do you boo. When the apocalypse hits you'll be the unexpected hero of your condo and Sally from 212b won't hesitate to take a knee for you after you've channelled your inner John Wick and blasted your way through the looters coming at your building. The jokes on her because you actually wanted to take her Nutri-Bullet so you could ride out this shit-storm on a home-grown diet of kale, carrots & red meat, but who are we kidding? You'd never admit that. 
#Babayaga #AlwaysEatYourGreens 

#SlurpsOnDeck #ThroatGoat 

You see the day coming, civil unrest builds, social media has been slowly escalating with tales of unjust actions from the government until eventually - someone hits the big red button and shuts down Instagram. 

#Don'tPushTheBigRedButton  #TheGramGotGanked #SpankBankRobbery #Defcon1 

Enough is enough. You grab your duffel from the back of your wardrobe but notice the front of your plate carrier is a barren wasteland of free space and no taste. Not wanting to be a basic bitch and dreading what the guys in the office would think if you boog-bumped into them, you decide that you need something to bridge the gap between Gentleman & Goon. 

#SuckOnThisMitch #ManNeedsGwop #DripOnYourBitch

You've found it. The quick fix to your flex-predicament. You've probably already got the matching card holder, so slide it out those slim-fit chino pockets, exercise your right to flex and come in hot to our checkout zone. 

#BecauseMatchingIsCute #DripTooHard #MyPatchMakesYourGirlWet

Welcome to the gang. Enjoy the drip.

2" x 3" equipped with hooked back, ready to slap & increase your flex.

Ships within 7 days

*Pattern may vary from pictures however every effort is taken to ensure you have a dope looking patch.